The company of Tangar Corporate Solutions furnishes fundamental needs according to your Insurance requirements. Some of them elucidate with:

  • • Life Insurance
  • • General Insurance
  • • Health Insurance or Mediclaim
  • • Group Health Insurance

Life Insurance:
Under the section of Life Insurance there are three plans suggestively.

The Ulip Plan is also named as Equity Plan. This type of plan totally depends on Market Fluctuations. This is linked to share market. Ulip Plan is entirely dependent and related to high risks and high returns. It has 6% to 18% returns in the maturity plan according to market value.

Traditional Plan
This plan is related to debt market. Maximum parts of this plan are located and relay shares into the debt market. This depends upon low risks and low returns which is differed in low Ratio. Some of the debt funds include Fixed Deposit of Debt fund, Government Projects etc.

The Term Plan targets customers ranging from 18 years to 65 years as per the company policies.

General Insurance
Property Insurance – Focuses Shop and Home Vehicle Insurance (All)

Health Insurance or Medi claim Insurance
• Family Health Cover
• Individual Health Cover

Group Health Insurance
Workers or Labourers’ insurance are covered in this section from 1 to 2 years of policy renewal.