Home Loan

Home Loan

One of most important dream of people is to own a house of choice. Most often to buy a house of your dream one requires
financial assistance by way of loans. Your wait of getting home loan is over!!! Tangar Corporate solution with a team of experts
will guide you in not only getting the home loan but also getting maximum amount at very cheap rate of interest.
Our main objective is to help people realize their dreams without going through the harrowing and time- consuming process
of acquiring a loan. We do it for you.

Affordable Housing Loan

In order to cater to the housing requirements of individuals having below average income, The Government of India along with some real-estate developers have initiated several measures to meet the increasing demand for affordable housing. In addition to this, the government is giving a lot of importance to public-private partnership (PPP) for developing affordable housing units.

In a populous country like India, it is extremely difficult for majority of the people having average income to buy house at market price. Affordable housing is a term that refers to housing units that can be afforded by people who has an income below the average household income. This loan caters to people who come from the lower or middle- income strata.

A good example of this initiative is “Housing for All by 2022” mission- National Mission for Urban Housing. It is a scheme announced by the Government of India. (http://www.pmindia.gov.in/en/news_updates/housing-for-all-by-2022-mission-national-mission-for-urban-housing/ Home loan is a detailed and lengthy process. Subject to complete documentation as per the guidelines of the Housing Finance Company, it can take about 5-7 days to get the loan amount sanctioned. Again, the home loan is provided for a period of 25 years subject to fulfillment of all other criteria. It can be seen that getting a loan is a long-term relationship with the bank/financial institute. Hence, it is very important that you choose the bank or the finance institute wisely.